NAMS Foundation

NAM Foundation is a vital part of our school community. The Foundation is 501(c)3 non-profit organization and serves as the fundraising organization for North Avondale Montessori. The Foundation helps to provide each teacher with money for Montessori replacement materials, allocates money for children who need assistance with field trips, and many more imperative school needs.
How Do We Make Money? Here are a few ways:
  • Kroger Cards
  • Gift Sale
  • Annual Fund Drive
  • Market Day
  • Box Tops and Soup Labels
  • Recycling Projects
  • Joseph Beth NAM Weekend
  • Market Day

2013-14 NAMS Foundation Board

Bob Dyehouse
Jerry Wilkerson

Kami Hill

Eileen Pineau
Member At-Large
Cathy Rafales
Faculty/Staff Members
Patti Cunningham
Heidy Davenport
Nico DiMarco

 Click here for a description of the Executive Board and each position's role descriptions.

 Meeting Agendas
 Meeting Notes
Ċ Foundation Meeting notes 8-11-12.pdf
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